Data and models

  • Static Global Gravity Models of the Earth
    • The releases of the time-wise GOCE models are available via ICGEM as GO_CONS_GCF_2_TIM_R*
    • The GOCO models are available via ICGEM and the GOCO project page
    • see data sets with doi

Scripts and reports

  • Meissl, P. „Least Squares Adjustment A modern Approach“. Mitteilungen der geodätischen Institute der Technischen Universität Graz. Geodätische Institute der Technischen Universität Graz, 1982. (pdf).


  • “Geodäsie Sternenzelt” (mp4)
  • Density disturbances from the time-wise release 3 model (mpg)
  • Gravity field determination using Satellite Gravity Gradiometry (mpg)
  • Ocean’s dynamic topography from altimetry, drifters and ARGO floats computed within COSIMO project (gif)
  • Geostrophic velocity computed from the Ocean’s dynamic topography from the COSIMO project (gif)

Software and Implementations

  • currently no software available

Scientific Computing Resources

Compute Cluster IGG and CropBio (1984 cores)

Cluster including 56 nodes resulting in 1984 compute cores and 8.75 TB memory.

HPC GPFS Storage (TB)

DDN Storage System, 2 redundant meta data serververs, capacity of 240 TB, GPFS file system

Numeric Servers

3 high availability compute servers for students, each 32 cores, 128/256 GB shared memory