Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Wolf-Dieter Schuh




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Office: Nussallee 17, 2. OG, room 2.016


University of Bonn

Theoretical Geodesy, IGG

Nussallee 17

53115 Bonn


Research interests

  • Mathematical, numerical  and statistical methods in geodesy
  • Computational geodesy and high performance computing
  • Geostatistics and stochastic processes
  • Satellite geodesy

Short CV

Wolf-Dieter Schuh finalized the diploma degree course “Vermessungswesen” at the University of Technology Graz in 1981. He defended his PhD thesis “Analyse und Konvergenzbeschleunigung der Methode der konjugierten Gradienten bei geodätischen Netzen” in 1984 and receive the postdoctoral lecture qualification in “Theoretische Geodäsie” on the TU Graz with the habilitation treatise “Tailored numerical solution strategies for the global determination of the earth’s gravity field”  in 1996. Since 2000 Wolf-Dieter Schuh is full professor for “Theoretical Geodesy” at the University of Bonn.

Wolf-Dieter Schuh is member of the international expert team GOCE-HPF which was installed by the European Space Agency (ESA) to support the mission design and data exploration of the dedicated gravity field and ocean circulation mission (GOCE). As principle investigator (speaker) of the cooperative research project within the BMBF/DFG Geotechnologien Programme ’REAL-GOCE’ he coordinate a group of eight university institutes and two research centres to build up an infrastructure to exploit data from the GOCE mission also in Germany. Under his responsibility the HPF-processing centre Bonn was established. This centre computes in cooperation
with the TU Graz and the TU Munich the GOCE-TIM models. The necessary computational resources are raised by the applicant with project proposals on the Jülich Supercomputing Centre and by a DFG Forschungsgroßgeräte Einzelantrag.

In cooperation with the Joanneum Research Graz and with support of ESA new research activities are started in the last year on the deterministic and stochastic modeling of DInSAR data.

Teaching activities

  • B.Sc. Lecture “Adjustment Theory”
  • B.Sc. Lecture “Applied Statistics”
  • B.Sc. Lecture “Parameter Estimation and Hypothesis Testing”
  • B.Sc. Lecture “Geostatistics”
  • M.Sc. Lecture “Geodetic Optimization”
  • M.Sc. Lecture “Signal Processing”
  • M.Sc, Lecture “Stochastic Processes”
  • Masterproject “Space Geodesy Simulator Bonn”
  • Supervision of different diploma, B.Sc, M.Sc. and PhD thesis


  • Since 2004  Corresponding Member of “Österreichischen Geodätischen Kommission”
  • Since 2002 Member of “Deutschen Geodätischen Kommission”
  • Since 2000 Member of the European GOCE Gravity Consortium
  • 1984 Winner of the “Promotionspreis der Österreichischen Industriellenvereinigung”

Further activities

  • Since 2015 Member of the editorial board  “Journal of Geodesy”
  • Review activities for various journals, proceedings and book chapters (Studia Geophysica et Geodetica, ZfV, Advances in Space Research, Applied geomatics, Springer IAG proceedings, Applied Mathematical Modelling, …)
  • Referee for DFG, BMBF, DAAD, NOK (Norway), NCN (Poland)
  • Member of the IGG Institutsvorstand, Member of the Studienkommision Geodäsie und Geoinformation, Representative for degree program geodesy in the examination board.

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